Cake Pudding

Cake Pudding
  • Serves: 12 people
  • Prep Time: 20 Mins
  • Cooking: 1 Hour
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Pudding cakes are classic comfort food at its best- they’re so easy to make and use ingredients from the pantry and fridge so you can bake up one at a time. The main ingredients used here something which is available in all nearby shop like Swiss roll, mixed fruits, nestle cream, whipping cream, cashews, strawberry jelly.  This is another very tasty and delicious Cake Pudding recipe for our users and subscribers.
 So, try to make some perfect Cake Pudding varieties that the family will love and enthrall.  You really should try this excellent Cake Pudding for your friends and families. This cake recipe is a crowd pleaser and can be made from several layers of cake and jelly with fruits. You can also try some foolproof techniques to make the best cakes. One of the best point for cake recipe is avoid using cold eggs.
 This cake pudding recipe is so simple to prepare, and trust me kids will go crazy for this. This can be served to guests. You can even prepare this recipe for a party along with this recipe a scoop of ice cream will go more yummy and very sweet!!



  1. Cut the cake into small round pieces and layer it on the serving pudding bowl.
  2. Spread the mixed fruits on the cake.
  3. Mix 3 tins of nestle cream in a mixer and pour it on the layer of fruits.
  4. Mix dreamwhip powder along with 3 table spoon milk in a mixer and when it becomes creamy, pour it on the layer of nestle cream. Then
  5. keep the pudding bowl in the fridge for setting for one hour.
  6. For garnishing -  strawberry jelly and caramalised cashewnuts.  
  7. Spread  strawberry jelly and grinded caramalised cashewnuts on the set pudding.
  8. To carmamalize the cashewnuts, put 3 table spoon of sugar in 50 ml water and boit it.  
  9. When the solution becomes a brown syrup, put the cashenuts and when the colour changes to brown, take it out and keep it for cooling.
  10.   Thank you Rubeena for your sweet recipe..It would be a great pleasure if you keep on supporting homely kitchen with variety of recipes… Recipe Images

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