Fish Molly

Fish Molly
  • Serves: 4 people
  • Prep Time: 15 Mins
  • Cooking: 20 Mins
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Fish molly is a simple and easy coconut based curry that might have been brought to Kerala by French, Spanish or the other Portuguese who sailed to Kerala. It is a light curry very similar to stew, you can make this using coconut powder or fresh coconut milk but fresh coconut milk is preferred. Since, this dish is very mild and light and blanch, the freshness of the fish is very important.
Fish molly is a preparation where fish is stewed in coconut milk and very low spiced flavour on masala is prepared, so that flavour of the fish dominates the taste of the curry.
Fish Molly is a fantastic recipe with a delicious taste that is mouth watering.  Fish Molly with more coconut milk will add more flavours to your dish. This can be considered as a Kerala Cuisine with different tastes. Many variants like fish fried and then cooked in coconut milk also can be very tasty for the food lovers. Main highlight of this Fish recipe is the fish pieces cooked in thin coconut milk and not in water. This curry is very easy to prepare and it will taste phenomenal. It is perfectly suited for your dinner and lunch as well. It is a mild, delicate dish best served with Appam or idiyappam or even with rice etc.
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    Heat little coconut oil i.e. 2-3 tbsp in a pan, add fenugreek seeds, onion, ginger garlic paste and green chillies. Once the onion becomes soft add tomatoes and turmeric powder and saute till the tomato goes soft. Then pour little 1/2 cup water (or you can take thin coconut milk) and add salt and let it boil. Add the fish pieces, coriander leave and let it boil for 10mts.Then add thick coconut milk and boil for another 2mts. Now it’s ready to serve..... Thank you Sherin for supporting us with a great recipe..we wish you support us with more good recipes.. :)

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