Prawns Chutney ( Chemmeen Chammanthi )

Prawns Chutney ( Chemmeen Chammanthi )
  • Serves: 4 people
  • Prep Time: 15 Mins
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Dried Prawns chutney is a super combination that can be served with rice or kanji (rice gruel).The mouthwatering smell is enough for me to eat rice if there is prawns chutney. We, the modern housewives make it using a mixer jar but when it is prepared over grinding stone...!!!oooh salivation comes from my mouth...!!Our grandmothers used to grind coconut over grinding stone instead of our mixer jar. The blend of coconut along with red chili and dried prawns will be a unmemorable taste for every one...absolutely everyone is missing those tastes...

This is a very simple, minimal work required chammanthi that can be had with steaming hot rice..Usually this chammanthi makes for a wholesome meal when served along with hot rice, moru and vegetable side of choice. I never make meat or fish when I have this for lunch

Prawn chutney is one that regular dish we make whenever we get prawns…You might have heard of different types of chutney..This is my favorite chutney that I have ever tasted.Hot white rice and unakka chemmeen chammanthi is a very good combo.The flavor of the shrimp is enhanced when roasted and the chammanthi is made spicy by the use of lovely red chilies.

Actually i got this recipe from my grandmother in law .when she prepare anything "special" she used to call us to taste it..Her idichakka thoran,chakka puzukku,chemmeen chutney ,mambayar payasam,cherupayar payasam etc are those which the modern era may not know to cook..I had tasted it and i am sharing those traditional recipes to the may try it and feel the traditional taste by looking at the recipe given below. Enjoy!!



  1. Cut the head of the dry prawns ( unakka chemmeen )
  2. Grind the dried prawns, grated coconut, chilly powder, salt and garlic in a mixer jar for 3 or 4 spins
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