Kallummakkaya Porichathu ( Roasted Mussel )

Kallummakkaya Porichathu ( Roasted Mussel )
  • Serves: 15 people
  • Prep Time: 1 hour
  • Cooking: 45 Mins
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Mussel’s also known as kadukka in Malayalam is a popular sea food in Malabar region of Kerala. Mussels are fried, stuffed, curried, pickled and are used in rice dishes for making biriyani. Kalumakkaya porichathu/ arikkadukka as then name suggests in Malayalam is mussels stuffed in rice paste and steamed within its shell, which is then fried. Authentic Thalassery is prepared by using parboiled rice. Rice is soaked and ground coarsely, without adding water with coconut, corn flour.
I guess the length of the name of the dish has to reflecting the intense labor that goes in making this Malabar delicacy. If you come across the Malabar specialties, these are one of the dishes that everyone crave about and tops the list of favorite Malabar dishes. They are rich in flavor, aroma and has its own distinguished taste.
Kallummakaya or mussel is very popular in Malabar areas. Kallummakkaya or mussel is a tasty shell which is used to make a number of tasty dishes. Rice, curries, snacks, steam cakes and more and more. Mussel roasted with rice filling is one among them. Roasted mussel (Kallummakkaya porichathu) is one of the famous dishes of Thalassery and no one can avoid it. They can't even think of a party without kallummakkaya. It is roasted in a traditional way and still now we are following what our grandmothers did. It will be an unforgettable taste for you. Try it in your home. Hope you all like it, definitely. For me, it’s one of my favorite. Enjoy, Have a happy Day!



  1. Clean the kallummakkaya well and open it .
  2. Grind the rice along with grated coconut, small onion, fennel and salt in grinder
  3. .
  4. Pour little(1/2 glass) water while grinding
  5. Be alert on grinding time that it should be grinded thicker and not too nicer.
  6. Take a scoop of rice and roll it. Fill it into the kallummekkaya. You can spread oil in your hand while filling.
  7. Heat a steam cooker and pour water.
  8. Put the filled mussels or kallummakkaya over the plate of the steam cooker.
  9. Cook it for 25-30 minutes.
  10. You can check it whether it is cooked or not.
  11. Mix chili powder, corn flour, salt and little water in bowl.
  12. Dip the cooked Kallumakai into the chili paste.
  13. Heat a frying pan and pour oil in it.
  14. Put the dipped Kallummakai into the hot oil and fry it.
  15. Turn over all the sides and fry well until it turns brownish color.
  16. Remove from oil and dry the oil from it.
  17. It’s a tasty tea time snack or you can have it at breakfast or dinner…

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