Muringa Curry - Snake Gourd Curry

Muringa Curry - Snake Gourd Curry
  • Serves: 5 people
  • Prep Time: 15 Mins
  • Cooking: 20 Mins
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Let me first start with the benefits of drumstick. It is a rich source of highly digestive proteins, calcium, iron, Vitamin C, and carotenoids. Drumstick soup helps to control any kind of chest congestion, coughs and sore throats. Inhaling steam of water in which drumstick have been boiled helps to control asthma and other lung problems .Pregnant women should often eat drumsticks as it helps to ease any case of pre and post-delivery complications.This dish is one of the most simplest and easiest south Indian curry made with drum sticks .These drumsticks are pods of the plant moringa oleifera. This onion based tomato based curry is thin, light and bit spicy. This has got full on flavors of the drumsticks in it. It is a perfect dish with steamed rice or moong dal kichdi.
    This is an easy and quick recipe if you have drumsticks at your home. Moringa curry is my favorite even when I was a fuzzy eater I like drumsticks very much. Drumstick is very healthy vegetable. Drumstick recipe shared here yields a delicious, flavorful and juicy drumstick. No garam masala is used in this curry so that the flavor of drumstick is not lost.



  1. Cut moringa into 3 inch pieces.
  2. Slice onion, tomato and green chili and crush ginger.
  3. Blend grated coconut in a mixer jar by adding 1 cup of water.
  4. Pour it in a filter or sieve and Squeeze it with your hand. Keep aside that milk.
  5. Again pour water into coconut powder and squeeze it and keep aside that mil also.
  6. Heat a curry pan and pour little oil.
  7. Put mustard seeds into it and let it splutter.
  8. Put sliced onions and sauté it.
  9. Then put tomatoes and green chili, ginger and curry leaves into it and sauté well.
  10. Put the moringa pieces into it.
  11. Add turmeric powder, chili powder and coriander powder and stir.
  12. Pour the second coconut milk and salt and mix well.
  13. Close the vessel with a lid.
  14. Boil it until the liquid become or dry.
  15. Stir the mixture at intervals.
  16. Pour the rich coconut milk when the mixture becomes dry.
  17. Stir well and again boil it to thicken the curry.
  18. Switch of the fire and serve it.

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