Thick Rice Pancake ( Ari orotti )

Thick Rice Pancake ( Ari orotti )
  • Serves: 4 people
  • Prep Time: 20 Mins
  • Cooking: 15 Mins
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Orotti falls under the traditional Kerala recipe. It’s very thick rotti made with rice flour. Orotti is a filling dish for breakfast/ dinner. Ideal combination of orotti is spicy mutton or beef curry.
There are two types of flatbread one is orotti and the other is pathiri but pathiri is something flat not like orotti. Orotti is kind of thick and you can even call them fat bread. And you see this kind of thick pancake mostly in thalassery. People serve this dish during parties, thakkarams and all.
You need to pour a lot of spicy curry over this while eating when it absorbs more; it’s going to give you a great yummy taste. Trust me. You can even pack this a kid’s lunch to school because this is healthy too and even soft. It is so easy to prepare, you just need a few things that are easily available in your own kitchen. Some people prepare this even thicker, it’s all up to you, if you want it more thick just go for it.
This recipe is so simple and yummy too. I love this dish, as it’s so soft and you don’t need to chew much. You can even feed to kids who are of 1-2 age, as they don’t have much teeth and this will be easy and comfortable for them to chew. So here is the recipe for a great, yummy dish. I’m sure you all are going to enjoy. So try it. You will really go crazy with the easy and delicious dish.



  1. Soak boiled rice in warm water over night.
  2. Grind it in a grinder by adding little water and salt.
  3. The rice should be powdered well.
  4. Heat an iron stone or a nonstick pan over heat.
  5. Spread little oil on your hand and take a scoop of rice flour with your hand
  6. Roll the rice flour with your hands and put it over the pan.
  7. Press it with your palm and make a circle shape as shown below.
  8. You can put more if you have place over the stone.
  9. Turn over the other side after 1 or 2 minutes using a stirrer. Repeat this until the two sides get cooked.
  10. Press over the orotti with a folded plantain leaf or a tissue at several intervals.
  11. Roll the sides of the orotti over the stone so that the sides will also be cooked.
  12. Pour little ghee or oil over the orotti and remove from the stone.
  13. Orotti is a popular breakfast dish of malabaris…

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