Unnakkaya ( Banana Rolls )

Unnakkaya ( Banana Rolls )
  • Serves: 10 people
  • Prep Time: 30 Mins
  • Cooking: 10 Mins
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Unnakkaya (banana rolls) is delicious, sweet and traditional Kerala snack prepared mainly in the Northern Kerala like Kannur, thalassery etc, especially during the ramzan days. It is prepared by filling smashed bananas stuffed with cashew nuts and grated coconut.
We use banana and coconut as the main ingredient. Let me talk about the benefits of banana, it is a good source of vitamin-C, it even helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents. Fresh banana is even rich in potassium too. Potassium controls heart rate and blood pressure. Now let us come to the benefits of coconut, it helps prevent obesity, improves heart health, high in dietary fibre and improves digestion.
I just love this snack. It’s very easy and tasty that every beginner can easily make at home by spending less time. Unnakkaya is a good snack item which can fill the snack box and can be served as an evening snack for your kids. Kids and adult will love it. Many have inspired with the taste and made several variations for this unnakkaya recipe. Please share your new and trendy traditional recipe with Homely Kitchen users. It’s very nutritious and tea time favourites of children too. 



  1. Steam medium ripped banana in a steam cooker.
  3. Grind it in a grinder without using water.
  5. Heat a pan and fry grated coconut by adding sugar and cardamom in it , until it turns golden color.
  7. Add fried cashew nuts in it.
  9. Roll banana paste in the size of a big lemon by spreading oil in your hand.
  11. Place it in the left hand. Press it with your fingers of right hand, and make it nicer.
  13. Put a spoon of coconut at its center.
  15. Close all the sides of the banana paste with your hand.
  17. Fold your left hand and make it in the shape of a banana with both your hands.
  18.   Shape its sides.  
  19. You can choose your own shapes.
  21. Roll the whole banana paste by following the above steps.
  23. Heat oil in a non-stick pan and put one by one of the banana rolls and fry it.
  25. Fry both the sides until it turns golden colour.
  26. Serve it as a delicious tea time snack

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